International Journal of Computational Science,
Engineering & Technology
(Refereed Online Journal)
International Journal of Computational Science,
Engineering & Technology (ISSN 2320-4648)

Volume-III Issue I
September : 2015

Comparative study of different trigonometric theories for Flexure analysis of FGM Plate
Authors: Rahul Kumar, D. Mahto, Jeeoot Singh
Full Paper: PDF (Size: 762KB), pp. 1-6
Open Access

Drug Discovery and Intensification from Natural Products and Ayuryeda
Authors: Anirudh Sahni, Kavita Sahni
Full Paper: PDF (Size: 437KB), pp. 7-11
Open Access

Future of Android in the growing market: A Literature Review
Authors: Anand Sen, Dilsad Hussain, S. K. Gupta
Full Paper: PDF (Size: 278KB), pp. 12-15
Open Access

Review on Job Satisfaction of Engineering College Teachers
Author:S. K. Tiwari, K. D. Sharma
Full Paper: PDF (Size: 373KB), pp. 16-20
Open Access

Importance of Frugal Engineering in Manufacturing Sectors
Authors: Shraddha Arya, Manish Bhargava, Tushar Sharma
Full Paper: PDF PDF (Size: 429KB), pp. 21-25
Open Access

Literature Review on soft computing optimization techniques in MIG/MAG Welding Parameters
Authors: Abinash Pankaj, O.P. Rishi, K. C. Sharma
Full Paper: PDF (Size: 356KB), pp. 26-31
Open Access